Rooibos is versatile and it is used in recipes around the world – from Rooibos Ginger Iced Tea and Chai Rooibos Poached Pears to Rolled Pork Belly, Springbok Carpaccio and Rooibos Pumpkin Soup.

Rooibos ginger iced tea
Combine Rooibos, honey, ginger, lemon and mint to make this refreshing iced tea from Food24. Read more

Homemade Rooibos iced tea
Use Rooibos, sugar, ginger, lemon, lemon grass, mint and sparkling water in this revitalising iced tea from Crush! Read more

Fruit cobbler infused with black currant Rooibos
Try this easy-to-make dessert made with Rooibos-infused fruit crowned with a gluten-free topping. The recipe appeared in Crush! Read more

Chai Rooibos poached pears with vanilla bean and olive oil yoghurt
Prepare this sweet-scented and healthy dessert with pears, Rooibos, cinnamon, cloves and ginger and service with vanilla bean and olive oil yoghurt. Read more.

Rolled pork belly stuffed with apricots in a brandy and Rooibos syrup
This mouth-watering slow-cooked dish is flavoured with Rooibos, dried apricots and brandy. Read more

Springbok Carpaccio with Rooibos balsamic reduction
Follow these step-by-step instructions to make the perfect snack or starter for summer. Read more

Pumpkin soup with Rooibos
Make this scrumptious soup with butternut, Rooibos, orange juice, spices and cream.
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