Rooibos-coloured quilting

Daphne de Jager’s quilt entitled Still Life in Rooibos won first prize at the Fynbos Quilt-In event held in Riebeeck-Kasteel a while ago. She dyed the fabrics in different strengths of Rooibos to get the desired effect. Her 50 x 50 cm quilt forms part of the Go Crazy with Calico competition at this event. This competition has two categories – one in which the calico may not altered, dyed or painted and another in which the cloth may be changed by any means. Daphne won the latter category. The competition attracted a total of 29 entries.

The Fynbos Quilt-In exhibition included quilts made by members of the Greater Hartford Quilt Guild in Connecticut in the USA, and another 90 quilts made by members of the Japan, France and South Africa (JFSA) quilting initiative. Thirty quilters from each of the three countries were given the name of a film director and were challenged to depict the director and/or his work in a small quilt. The three quilts for each director were then displayed together. South African art quilter Kathryn Harmer Fox made the quilt with the piggies, using Rooibos teabags and coffee filters to dye the material.