Read about the 29th Freshpak Fitness Festival, which is all about Rooibos country, fitness and family fun, and about Rooibos Ltd's Producer of the Year, David Burger. The innovative use of Rooibos includes Rooibos capsules and partnerships with golf players to promote and research the hydration qualities of Rooibos. Also see how the word about Rooibos is spread from Japan and Germany to Florida in the USA. Enjoy the read with a cup of Rooibos right next to you.

Freshpak Fitness Festival, supported by Rooibos Ltd, wraps up successful 29th event

The 29th Freshpak Fitness Festival, the Western Cape's largest multisport festival, was once again a celebration of health, fitness and family fun. This event, which took place in and around Clanwilliam on 3 October this year, attracted over a thousand athletes who competed in swimming, cycling and running events in the heart of Rooibos country. Read about the winners, watch videos, and see photographs.

Marshals trained by Rooibos Ltd receive certificates at prize-giving ceremony

Community members from Clanwilliam attended a workshop to train as marshals. This workshop was presented free of charge by Rooibos Ltd. To complete their training and receive their certificates, they had to do practical training at a real-life event, in this case the Freshpak Fitness Festival. According to the athletes, the marshals did an excellent job to ensure a well-organised event. A total of 35 marshals received their certificates at a prize-giving ceremony. See photographs.

Rooibos Ltd sponsors shirts for Golden Oldies rugby team

Supporting regional rugby, Rooibos Ltd recently sponsored branded shirts for the Elegant Elephants rugby team - with players from Clanwilliam, Citrusdal, Vredendal and Nuwerus - for the Golden Oldies rugby tournament in Cape Town from 24 to 26 September this year. See photographs.

Rooibos Ltd announces its Producer of the Year

On 20 October this year, David Burger from the farm Diepkloof in the Nardouwsberg region received Rooibos Ltd's 2015 Producer of the Year Award. The HC Ginsberg Floating Trophy for the Top Rooibos Sample went to Mr H Bakker while the Clanwilliam Cooperative Drying Yard Floating Trophy went to Mr J.J. Marais and the Citrusdal Cooperative Drying Yard Floating Trophy went to the Willie Marais Family Trust. The James W van Putten Floating Trophy for the Seedling Grower of the Year went to Robert Bergh from Zeekoevlei. Read more.

The Cecil Bergh Floating Trophy for Rooibos Ltd's Producer of the Year Award was presented to David Burger.

Wiko (HK/China) Trading Company promotes Rooibos in China

The Wiko Trading Company recently hosted a Rooibos stand at the Guangzhou Organic Products Exhibition. Joe Cheung, CEO of Wiko, said this is one way in which his company promotes a Rooibos culture in the Chinese market. See photographs.

Red Joe and David Leadbetter golf performance form partnership

This article on the Renewable Energy World website tells of the partnership between the Rooibos beverage company Red Joe and David Leadbetter Golf Performance to educate golfers on the benefits of staying hydrated to boost health and performance. Joe Firek, president of Red Joe, said Rooibos with its cancer-fighting antioxidants and healthy electrolytes is the ideal way to stay hydrated. Read more.

Wisdom of Nature imports and sells African Red Tea

Wisdom of Nature (WON) Marketplace, an online retailer from Florida in the USA, is committed to fostering a healthier, "greener" world for all through a variety of high-quality, globally conscious products. This includes organic South African Rooibos - or African Red Tea as they call it. "This is an aromatic, delicious and healthy solution that the WON team can solidly support."

Read more.

Purecup produces Rooibos capsules in delicious flavours

Infusing old world quality into contemporary convenience, Purecup's Rooibos capsules are available in various flavours for use in, among others, Nespresso machines. The variants include Pure Rooibos, and Rooibos with Chai or Blueberry.

Read more.

Japan's national broadcaster, NHK, presents programme on Rooibos

In June this year, NHK, Japan's national broadcasting company, presented a 10-minute feature on Rooibos on prime morning TV. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "This represented a tremendous promotional opportunity for us in terms of international exposure." Watch the video here.

Article on Honeybush on

In a recent article, the German website Tee-Fokus gave "insider tips" on Honeybush and Rooibos as herbal teas. It also explained to readers how to prepare a cup of Honeybush or Rooibos. Read more.

What to drink in Cape Town (besides wine)

From craft beer, "Klippies and Coke" and Rock Shandy to Rooibos and Amarula - this is what Cape Town has to offer besides wine. This article, featured on the Asia Travel Today website, also suggests ordering the More Tea Vicar at the Orphanage Cocktail Emporium. This cocktail - made with vodka, Rooibos, cranberry and lemon, is served in a tea cup. Proceeds benefit the St. Francis Children's Home.

Rooibos Ltd sponsors culinary division at Youth Expo

Rooibos Ltd again sponsored the culinary division of the Namakwaland Youth Expo at the 16th National Youth Show Championships. The chairperson of the Namakwaland Youth Show Association, Izak van der Colff, said: "Thank you Rooibos Ltd for joining us in believing in the success of this event. Thank you for your investment in agriculture, our youth and this expo." See photographs.

North West Women's Agricultural Union event supported by Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd supported the 20th annual conference of the North West Women's Agricultural Union with, among others, green Rooibos for each delegate and the award-winning Rooibos recipe book (A touch of Rooibos / 'n Tikkie Rooibos) for the regional chairpersons. Rooibos has been named Product of the Year 2016 by the Women's Agricultural Union (Vroue-Landbou-unie). See photographs.