The last few months of the year are stressful as a result of work pressure, exams and unhealthy lifestyles. Various articles explain how Rooibos can help to counter the impact of stress on the body – in particular the heart and sleep patterns. Also read about the eight Rooibos Ltd employees who have received long service awards. We also report back on this year's Freshpak Fitness Festival and the spectacular Lantern Festival – both events co-sponsored by Rooibos Ltd. For the chefs and home cooks, we have included recipes for Rooibos-based iced teas, smoothies and lollies, and a milk tart flavoured with Rooibos. Stay calm – drink Rooibos!


Drinking Rooibos can help to improve concentration during exams
Rooibos contains compounds that help people cope with the impact of stress on their health. When free radicals cause oxidation, they damage the healthy cells which could hinder one's ability to learn and retain information. Rooibos counters this by reducing the effect of oxidative by-products in neural pathways, thereby stimulating concentration. An added bonus is that Rooibos also relieves tension and headaches. This means you can boost your brain by drinking Rooibos.
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Rooibos holds the potential to increase male fertility

Scientists claim that internationally, men's sperm counts have halved over the past 50 years. A recent CPUT study conducted on rats found that rats on red and green Rooibos with its high antioxidant content had a significantly higher sperm count and motility. Although the studies were conducted on rodents, Rooibos could potentially have the same positive effect on men.
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Rooibos could be the antidote to SA's poor sleep hygiene
Researchers say South Africans do not sleep enough, which is a public health concern as it costs the economy billions in lost productivity and car accidents while leading to health complications such as heart disease. A Stellenbosch University study showed that Rooibos could alleviate stress and anxiety to aid in a good night's rest. This is because two compounds in Rooibos interfere with the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. The lower one's cortisol levels, the higher the likelihood of uninterrupted sleep.
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Rooibos acknowledges dedicated employees

Valerie Scholtz from Rooibos Ltd's Processing Division has been with the company for 35 years. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd, "Employees like Valerie provide the company with stability because of their commitment and staying power. This is why we acknowledge and celebrate such achievements."
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Feedback from the Freshpak Fitness Festival with Rooibos Ltd as co-sponsor
The 31st Freshpak Fitness Festival, which took place in Clanwilliam on 30 September is done and dusted! Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts competed in the swims, biathlon, duathlon and triathlon. Rooibos Ltd again co-sponsored the event. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "This was a true community event. Rooibos Ltd outsourced 60 employees while another 180 community members were deployed to help out at the event." Nicholas Quenet won the 2017 Freshpak Fitness Festival Triathlon title while Linda Detering won the women's Triathlon event. Read more and see photographs.

Rooibos Ltd supports 2017 Clanwilliam Arts Festival's Lantern Festival

The Lizard, the Beetle, the Mice and the Mantis - this was the theme of the 17th annual Lantern Festival which delighted some 600 children and delivered another enriching cultural event to the Clanwilliam community. It took 47 facilitators and sponsors such as Rooibos Ltd to make this visually spectacular event happen.
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Recipes with Rooibos
All over the world, chefs and home cooks use Rooibos in innovative ways to enhance the nutritional value, flavour and colour of dishes and drinks. We invite you to try out these recipes: Caffeine-free hibiscus iced tea, Iced Rooibos with raspberries and mint, Rooibos and cardamom-infused banana smoothies, Blueberry, pomegranate and Rooibos antioxidant smoothies, Rooibos milk tart, and Strawberry and vanilla Rooibos iced lollies.
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Rooibos helps with heart health
In South Africa, deaths related to heart disease are expected to rise by 41% in the next 13 years, ways the South African Rooibos Council. The biggest risk factor is high blood pressure, which affects one in three adults. Drinking Rooibos has been identified as one means of prevention because Rooibos contains compounds proven to support heart health.
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How Rooibos helps to keep you healthy
Antioxidant-rich Rooibos offers a host of health benefits. This includes its ability to fight inflammation and diabetes, support heart health, relieve stomach cramps and irritable bowel syndrome, reduce high blood pressure and boost hair growth.
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