A project just as round as a football itself!

The Club of Good Hope is a project with a goal: To support young people against violence and poverty in South Africa. For the Women's World Cup Soccer in Germany, everyone involved strengthened their commitment to help girls and young women in hopeless situations.
A football game is one of the finer things in life. Especially when you're playing yourself. In the summer of 2011, the FIFA Women's World Cup will take place in Germany. The Club of Good Hope uses this as an opportunity to continue to champion the rights of girls. The Club is on the ball – also in South Africa. With a little effort, they showed that a lot can be accomplished – as showed by the story of Mandisa ...
Mandisa is a fighter. When she has the ball, she goes all out to win. She dribbles, sprints and kicks the ball at full speed out into the goal. Cheering, her teammates congratulate her. Mandisa is happy. For this 13-year-old from the township of Khayelitsha in Cape Town, her football team is very important. Here, she knows success. Here, she sees the fruits of practising every day. And of staying away from drugs and alcohol.
Mandisa shares a single room with her grandmother and four siblings. Her parents died of Aids the previous year. When young people leave school in Khayelitsha, only few of them know what to do next. Often, the boys end up in street gangs. They deal in drugs or steal to survive. Many girls sell their bodies to raise money. It is difficult not to fall prey to drugs, prostitution, violence and Aids. And girls in this environment find it particularly difficult.
The Club of Good Hope – an ecumenical project under the auspices of a missionary – started with the 2010 Women's World Cup in South Africa and supports projects such as Youth Unlimited. Youth Unlimited helps children and young people to escape the spiral of unemployment, crime and homelessness, and also offers educational opportunities, combined with meaningful leisure-time pursuits.
TeeGschwendner has been supporting the Club of Good Hope from the very beginning. TeeGschwendner donates 20 Euro cents of each TetraPak of Club Ice Tea sold and 50 Euro cents of the loose tea Club Rooibush Pineapple Passion Fruit towards this cause.
Last year, a group of TeeGschwendner partners experienced the efforts of the local clubs in Cape Town. Their encounters with children and the infectious enthusiasm of children for soccer left deep impressions on them.
Just as memorable: All TeeGschwendner partners were allowed to attend the Annual General Meeting of 2010 where former street children used the theatre project AJOBA to help raise awareness of issues in South African society – such as violence, crime and HIV/Aids. Their aim is to initiate discussions and, ultimately, also change processes.
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