Kliek hier vir Afrikaans
Rooibos, milk tart in NS capital
Stephen Nell, Wellington

Where will you find rooibos tea in New Zeeland’s capital?

The Sport24 reporting team at the World Cup Rugby stumbled upon the answer to this question when they spotted a colourful Africa shop, Juakali, in Wellington’s city centre.

Ms Beverley Meyer (54), originally from Pretoria, set up the little shop in 2009, and it seems to be extremely popular with a wide range of nationalities.

The shop sells South African products like droëwors, koeksisters, rooibos tea, milk tart and Wilson’s toffees.

There are even handmade chess sets with the Springboks and All Blacks as theme for the pieces on one of the chess boards.

“It’s mostly South African products, but some are from West Africa,” says Meyer.

“I lived in the USA for eight years before relocating to New Zeeland in 2004. It is strange that the Africa shops in the USA are giving people the wrong impression of Africa. Their use colours such as black and beige in their décor,” says Meyer.

“My impression of Africa is that it is rich in music and colours.”

This shop provides jobs for six people in Wellington.

Meyer is also involved in organising the South African cultural festival in this city.