Rooibos Q&A

Is it better to drink Rooibos hot or cold?
You can enjoy Rooibos hot or chilled – depending on the time of day or time of year. It does not make a difference to the functional ingredients in the beverage.

What other ways are there to enjoy Rooibos, other than a cup of tea?
Rooibos complements fruit flavours well and is therefore a popular ingredient in iced teas. To make a simple, refreshing iced tea, sweeten a strong pot of Rooibos with honey and stir until the honey is dissolved. Leave in the fridge overnight and then add a touch of lemon or your favourite fruit juice. Cold Rooibos can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. It’s also a healthy way to add flavour to smoothies and fruit shakes. You can also use Rooibos as a meat marinade or simply add it to stews or soups instead of adding water. In some parts of South Africa you can now buy Rooibos-based yoghurts and drinking yoghurts.

Can Rooibos boost your immune system?
Studies done in Japan in 2007 showed that Rooibos restored immune function in immune-suppressed rats. The SA Rooibos Council is currently funding a study led by Professor Andrew Marston at the University of the Free State to look at the potential of Rooibos to strengthen immune systems in vitro.

Does Rooibos cause drowsiness?
Rooibos is known for its calmative properties that can help you to relax at night and will promote a good night’s sleep. However, if you drink Rooibos any time of the day it will not make you feel drowsy.

Does Rooibos stimulate appetite?
There is no scientific evidence that Rooibos stimulates appetite. On the contrary, Rooibos may be able to play a role in weight management. A research project that kicked off at South Africa’s Medical Research Council in 2011 will look at the role of Rooibos in the processes whereby the body stores and breaks down fat.

Is it true that pets (dogs) can benefit from a lukewarm Rooibos rinse after their bath?
Pets with allergic skin conditions will definitely benefit from being rinsed with lukewarm Rooibos after a bath. Studies in people have also shown that Rooibos is an effective way to treat several skin conditions such as itching and inflammation after too much sun. Many people also use it to get relief from eczema, acne and nappy rash.