Baking with Rooibos

Rooibos is creatively used in recipes all over the world. We invite you to try out delicious iced teas, a muesli tart, butternut and lentil cottage pie, and Rooibos koeksisters:

  • Paperblog website: Iced Redbush and Elderflower Lemonade Tea - made with Rooibos, fresh lemon juice and elderflower syrup
  • Radio Arabella website (German): Die besten Tee-Rezepte für den Sommer - includes thirst-quenching iced tea made with Rooibos, fresh peaches and peach syrup
  • The Nibble Blog website: Watermelon Iced Tea - made with watermelon cubes and Rooibos, with the option of adding gin, tequila or vodka
  • Paperblog website: Muesli Tart - a special breakfast tart made with sweet pastry, muesli, dried fruit soaked in Rooibos, served with Rooibos cream
  • Expresso Breakfast Show website: Butternut and Lentil Cottage Pie - a meal-in-one made with mince and lentils simmered in Rooibos, and topped with butternut mash
  • Top Billing website: Rooibos koeksisters - with koeksister syrup flavoured with Rooibos, lemon juice, ginger and cinnamon