Building relationships with current and potential clients is one of Rooibos Ltd's main objectives. We do this by hosting stands at big trade shows and welcoming visitors and journalists from all over the world – as you'll see in this newsletter. At the same time, we take care of the local community by sponsoring workshops, cancer awareness events and sports clothing as we realise that we can only go forward when the community in which we operate also does well. Last but not least, we invite you to try out delicious recipes – from Rooibos-smoked snoek to Rooibos-based ice-cream floats.

Rooibos Ltd exhibits at the Tea & Coffee World Cup in Singapore

The annual Tea & Coffee World Cup in Singapore is the only international trade show that brings together the entire industry supply chain from bean and leaf to cup. Rooibos Ltd hosted a stand to engage with current and potential clients and to share first-hand information about this unique South African product with a highly targeted audience.

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Where Rooibos featured in the media

"Rooibos is one of the miracle plants of the world." This is how a 10-page feature article in West Coast Escape magazine refers to Rooibos. An article in African Safaris tells the story of Rooibos from its humble beginnings as a local brew to a product with growing global demand.

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Visitors at Rooibos Ltd: Everstrong Industrial Sales from the Philippines

Jess Lagman, Managing Director of Everstrong Industrial Sales in the Philippines, brought his family to visit Rooibos Ltd during August. Combining business with pleasure, they spent the day touring a Rooibos farm and learning more about the process of producing this uniquely South African tea.

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Rooibos Ltd sponsors Community Day with CANSA

To raise awareness of breast and other types of cancer, Rooibos Ltd sponsored a Community Day in Clanwilliam on 12 September 2017 in association with CANSA. Various health screening services were offered to the public free of charge. This included mole screenings, cancer lifestyle risk analyses and cancer tests. Information sharing and a shavathon formed part of the event.

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Rooibos Ltd trains marshals for Freshpak Fitness Festival

Some 80 eager inhabitants from Clanwilliam attended a free workshop on marshalling, crowd management, athlete directing and access control hosted by Rooibos Ltd on 16 September 2017. This provided them with skills to work at events such as the annual Freshpak Fitness Festival. Says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd: "This workshop helps the community with jobs while it enhances the experience of both athletes and visitors at the Western Cape's most popular multi-sport event."

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Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium athletes supported by Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd sponsored sportswear for Augsburg Agricultural Gymnasium's first rugby team and first netball team. The company sees this as part of its investment in the community of Clanwilliam.

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Cook creatively with Rooibos

Rooibos is versatile and is used in recipes worldwide. We invite you to try out Berry Lava Pie, Chocolate Rooibos, Rooibos ginger iced tea, Rooibos-smoked snoek with Peppadew roosterkoek, and two ice cream floats with Rooibos.

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Boost your health with Rooibos

If you drink Rooibos regularly, your immune system, heart and digestive tract will benefit from the antioxidants and other compounds in this unique plant. It will also help to prevent type-2 diabetes and to relieve hypertension.

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Seven benefits of Rooibos for students

Rooibos offers a host of benefits for students stressed out during exam times. First off, it is caffeine-free, which means it will help you to sleep better. It also helps to relieve stress, reduce blood pressure and build bone strength. If you have pimples, acne or sunburn, you can even apply the red tea powder directly to your skin.

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African Extracts launches Daily Repair Facial Oil with Rooibos

Pollution in the form of microscopic particles of heavy metals and toxic gases can disrupt the skin's natural ability to repair and regenerate. African Extracts has introduced a facial oil "packed with flower power", including Rooibos extracts, to protect the skin from environmental damage.

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My Red Tea introduces its organic Rooibos Body Cream

Based in California, My Red Tea has produced a new body cream – Rooibos Body Cream – which is formulated with "the finest certified organic ingredients". 10% of all profits go to Rooibos farming communities to support education.

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