Rooibos comes with a host of health benefits. Read about new research on the ability of Rooibos to alleviate allergic inflammation. Also read about the Clanwilliam Arts Project supported by Rooibos Ltd. This project, which involves 700 learners, is about "community building, art appreciation and keeping the San heritage alive". Talking about heritage, Freshpak Rooibos has created a limited-edition tea tin decorated with Ndebele art. Lastly, if Rooibos can feature on Twickenham's menu during the match between England and the Springboks, Rooibos can feature in your cooking too. See recipes for Rooibos and honey kombucha cake, bread and butter pudding with Rooibos ice cream, fruity iced teas and more. Here's to Rooibos, heritage and health!


How Rooibos can help to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies

Prof Jonny Peter, Head of the Allergy and Immunology Unit at UCT's Lung Institute, told CapeTalk about the studies they are conducting to determine the impact of Rooibos on allergic inflammation. They hope to turn the research findings into treatment for allergy and asthma sufferers in future.

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England vs South Africa: Rooibos on the menu

T-bone steak, Rooibos cured and smoked salmon, and melktert will feature on menus at Twickenham Stadium's new East Stand venues when England takes on the Springboks on 3 November this year. The menus for each of the four Quilter International games will change to introduce influences from each of the teams England will face – South Africa, New Zealand, Japan and Australia.

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Rooibos brewed to perfection at Coco Safar

If you love Rooibos, you will love the eclectic Sea Point café Coco Safar's Rooibos teas, espressos, floats and cold brews. The on-site microbrewery produces four cold-brewed sparkling Rooibos drinks sweetened with pure Canadian spiced maple. You can also buy Rooibos espresso capsules: Kaapstad (red Rooibos), Stellenbosch (green Rooibos) and Namaqualand (Grade A Rooibos).

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Rooibos – a uniquely South African story

This blog on the MyKitchen website provides a beautiful overview of the Rooibos story – from how it became part of the tea-drinking culture in the Cederberg region during the 19th century to finding ways to germinate Rooibos seeds in the 1930s. Today, Rooibos is an international brand with a footprint in over 60 countries. It is well known for its health benefits and the flavour it adds to food and drinks.

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Laager launches two new Rooibos flavours to celebrate Heritage month

Laager's new Mint Flavoured Rooibos & Chamomile Tea combines the best of Rooibos, which is naturally caffeine free, with the soothing benefits of chamomile. In addition, Laager's new Cranberry & Wild Cherry flavoured Rooibos provides a burst of berry flavours, which also makes it ideal for iced tea.

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Joekels Tea Packers – providing households with Rooibos

Joekels packs, blends and distributes some of South Africa's most popular household tea brands. This includes the second largest Rooibos brand in the country (Laager Rooibos) and the biggest kids' tea brand in the country (Tea4Kidz).

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Cool collaboration: Freshpak Rooibos and Ndebele artist Dr Esther Mahlangu

Freshpak Rooibos, in collaboration with acclaimed Ndebele artist Dr Esther Mahlangu, has created a limited-edition Rooibos tin. Only 40 000 Freshpak x Esther Mahlangu tins will be released at the end of October 2018. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to an NGO that honours the preservation of Ndebele art.

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Tick Tock now available in France

Leading Rooibos brand Tick Tock has introduced three Rooibos variants in France – Rooibos Green Tea, Rooibos with Lemon and Ginger, and Rooibos Original. Rooibos is becoming increasingly popular in France as people are opting for a healthier lifestyle.

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BOS Sport launches School Sports challenge

School sport represents everything BOS Sport is passionate about – an active lifestyle, a sense of fun, team camaraderie and commitment. BOS Sport, a proudly South African sports drink, contains organic Rooibos and essential electrolytes for hydration and optimal performance. Now BOS Sport has launched a School Sports challenge where teams can win a share of R50,000.

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Rooibos Ltd sponsors Clanwilliam Arts Project and Lantern Festival for sixth year

This is the sixth year that Rooibos Ltd has supported the Clanwilliam Arts Project. Says Communication Manager Gerda de Wet, "This project, which involves some 700 learners and culminates in the visually spectacular Lantern Festival, is about community building, art appreciation and keeping the San heritage alive. Each of the children participating in this project will have a story to carry with them. Rooibos Ltd wants to be part of their story."

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Rooibos Ltd supports first Tierhoek Funduro

In September, Rooibos Ltd supported the first Tierhoek Funduro mountain bike and quad bike challenge by providing branded gazebos and Rooibos iced tea.

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Employees at Rooibos Ltd take part in Casual Day

On Friday, 7 September, employees at Rooibos Ltd dressed up like everyday heroes to support Casual Day – South Africa's leading fundraising and awareness campaign for persons with disabilities. The theme of this year's Casual Day was "Be an everyday hero with persons with disabilities".

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Do you know the amazing health benefits of Red Tea?

This article on India's Boldsky website explains the health benefits of Rooibos. The antioxidants in Rooibos can help to protect against cancer, heart disease and stroke. It is kilojoule-free, making it ideal for those trying to lose weight. Research shows that aspalathin, an active antioxidant in Rooibos, helps to reduce stress hormones that trigger fat storage and hunger.

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Five reasons to drink Rooibos every day

This Bona article provides a handful of reasons to drink Rooibos regularly: It keeps high blood pressure in check, improves gut health, repairs muscle tissue and lowers the risk of cancer. Also, it helps to prevent insomnia by keeping your cortisol levels (stress hormones) in check.

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Why Rooibos is good for you

This article on the USA-based Viral Pie website gives an overview of Rooibos – explaining that it is unique to South Africa and that it comes with a host of health benefits. There is also a short video on Rooibos. Among others, Rooibos is good for heart health as it helps to regulate blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol.

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The five health benefits of drinking Rooibos

This Woman&Home article highlights the following five health benefits of Rooibos: It relieves allergy symptoms, it is soothing and relaxing, its aids digestion, it may protect you against serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, and it has anti-ageing properties.

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Recipes with Rooibos for you to make

Rooibos is used in a variety of recipes to add flavour, colour and nutrients – from Rooibos and honey kombucha cake and Amarula bread and butter pudding with Rooibos ice cream to fruity iced teas and mocktails.

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