The big news in this edition is new research from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University explaining how both fermented and green Rooibos can help to restore the function of aged cells and reverse the onset of age-related diseases. Also read about the growing popularity of Rooibos locally and globally, and how to use Rooibos in gardening. New products with Rooibos include iced teas, frozen desserts and skin care creams. Happy reading with a healthy cup of Rooibos!

New research: South African scientists discover anti-ageing potential of Rooibos

Two scientists from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University have established that Rooibos protects preadipocytes - the predominant cells found in fat tissue – from degenerating. The study proved that Rooibos can partially restore the function of aged cells and that both fermented and green Rooibos can protect cells from severe oxidative stress. Rooibos could therefore reverse the onset of age-related diseases and even keep wrinkles at bay. This establishes Rooibos as an anti-ageing proponent. It could also lead to new regenerative medicines. These research findings have just been released.

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Transplanting nursery-grown Rooibos seedlings into the field

After good rains recently, farmers could transplant Rooibos seedlings from the nurseries into the plantations. Harvesting from these plantings will be done in 18 months (January to April 2018).

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The popularity of Rooibos booms in South Africa and abroad

South Africa's iconic Rooibos is gaining popularity as this caffeine-free beverage continues to attract health conscious drinkers moving away from black tea. According to the Rooibos Council the top export markets are Germany, the Netherlands and Japan.

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Gardening gurus share why Rooibos is a must for the garden

Margaret Roberts, gardening and natural health expert, says Rooibos is a natural fertilizer as it contains nutrients beneficial to plant growth. "Instead of throwing away your used Rooibos tea leaves or bags, use it along with vegetable and fruit peelings to make a balanced compost mix."

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Trading Queen promotes Rooibos Rocks at ECRM in the USA

Trading Queen, a family-owned business in Cape Town, is forging new connections for its tea brand - Rooibos Rocks - when it attended the 2016 ECRM Diet, Vitamin & Sports Nutrition conference in Tampa, Florida. This event gives companies a chance to meet with influential retail buyers. Rooibos Rocks is gaining popularity in the USA as consumers become aware of its health benefits.

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Two local karate clubs benefit from Rooibos Ltd's support

The Enshin Karate Club in Clanwilliam received training equipment from Rooibos Ltd while the Ashihara Karate Club in Citrusdal received karate suits. Says Gerda de Wet, Rooibos Ltd's Communication Manager: "Karate is a healthy sport which teaches students the value of training, self-discipline and team skills. At Rooibos Ltd, we support a healthy lifestyle."

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CAPTION: Gerda de Wet, Rooibos Ltd's Communication Manager, hands over equipment to Sensei Xavier Goeieman from the Enshin Karate Club in Clanwilliam.

Bössi Kids Tea

The USA-based Bössi company has launched its ready-to-drink Kids Tea made from organic Rooibos. These iced teas come in three flavours – strawberry, mango and watermelon – and is "a delicious, nutritious alternative to sugary juices and soft drinks".

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Cham's cold brewed fruit tea made with Honeybush

Cham in the USA makes cold brewed fruit teas to extract maximum nutrients from the ingredients they use without "scorching most of the nutritional benefits". One of their iced teas, Revitalize, includes Honeybush, which, like Rooibos, is indigenous to South Africa.

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Deebee's TeaPops launches new flavours with Rooibos

The small Canadian company DeeBee's has launched a range of low-kilojoule TeaPops – nutritious frozen desserts made from organic teas, superfruits and flavours. Three of its flavours are made with Rooibos: Berries & Cherries, Tropical Mango and Toasted Coconut.

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Rooibos singled out as an "exciting" African skin care ingredient's About Style website featured an article about "exciting skin care ingredients that come from Africa". This includes Rooibos, which is "full of antioxidants which protect the skin from free radical damage that can lead to wrinkles and skin aging".

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