Sleeplessness, stress and a lack of nutrients can play havoc with one's health. This is where Rooibos can help - whether you drink it to sleep better or to add nutrition and taste to your diet. Read more about the compounds in Rooibos that support quality sleep and good health – and about the research that backs this. We also have recipes with Rooibos, including iced tea made with watermelon cubes and Rooibos, a hearty butternut and lentil cottage pie, and Rooibos koeksisters. Treat yourself well - drink Rooibos!

How Rooibos supports quality sleep

A lack of sleep can lead to health risks such as heart disease. A study from Stellenbosch University showed that Rooibos could alleviate stress and, as a result, aid in a good night's rest. Two powerful antioxidants found in Rooibos – aspalathin and nothofagin – lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, while magnesium calms the nervous system and calcium helps to manufacture the sleeping hormone melatonin.

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Chinese market opens up to Rooibos

Introducing a foreign tea into the age-old Chinese tea market is a major challenge. Yet, Rooibos is now "rubbing shoulders with the great Chinese teas – Pu'er, Longjing and Oolong". Among the various importers is entrepreneur Zhang Yipeng who supplies over 300 coffee shops with Rooibos products. She says clients like it because it is caffeine-free and healthy, and has a "sweet, silky, soft taste". In Beijing, a barista can even make you a "Rooibos chappuccino".

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Six Rooibos Ltd employees receive long-service awards

Six employees from Rooibos Ltd were recently commended for their loyalty. They include Mary Willemse from the Packing Plant who has been with the company for 20 years. "Loyal employees help to ensure the continued existence of a company in a changing business landscape," says Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager at Rooibos Ltd.

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Rooibos Ltd sponsors Flower Bowls Tournament

This is the third year that Rooibos Ltd has been sponsoring the annual Clanwilliam Wild-Flower Bowls Tournament with players coming from all over the Western and Northern Cape.

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Recipes with Rooibos to make at home

Rooibos is creatively used in recipes all over the world. We invite you to try out innovative iced teas, a muesli tart as a special breakfast treat, butternut and lentil cottage pie, and Rooibos koeksisters.

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Benefits of antioxidant-rich Rooibos

The Spanish website Ideal featured an article on the health benefits of Rooibos, referring to the high antioxidant content of this "red tea" with its "fruity aroma and slightly sweet taste". Among others, Rooibos can help you to sleep better and relax more. It can relieve digestive problems and reduce water retention. It is also good for children because it is caffeine-free.

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Thirteen benefits of Rooibos

The Mumbai-based website Organic Facts published an article on Rooibos which can be enjoyed "all day long with no side effects". Rooibos can reduce blood pressure, strengthen bone health, improve cardiovascular health, control diabetes, relieve allergies, prevent kidney stones and slow down the effects of ageing. It contains no caffeine but "an abundance" of polyphenols.

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Nine proven health benefits of Rooibos

The USA-based website VegKitchen explained the health benefits of Rooibos, which has gained popularity in America "as many want to take advantage of its proven health benefits". These include the ability of Rooibos to fight inflammation, relieve hypertension, strengthen the respiratory system, promote bone health, support the digestive tract, help prevent type II diabetes, promote healthy hair and improve blood circulation.

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Rooibos protects skin against adverse effects of UVB exposure

Once the skin has been exposed to the sun's ultra-violet rays, Rooibos extracts can remove precancerous cells and block the onset of inflammation. This has been proven by researchers from the SA Medical Research Council and Cape Peninsula University of Technology. According to them, it is "the abundance of polyphenols" which gives Rooibos its restorative power.

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