The story of Rooibos is very much about a healthier lifestyle (read articles on the health benefits of Rooibos), and spreading the word about this unique product (read about BOS's unconventional brand activation in Amsterdam, and Italian magazine Africarivista's visit to Rooibos Ltd). New products with Rooibos are launched all over the world (like toxin-free skin care creams and iced teas with interesting aromatics). Also see recipes for paleo-friendly Rooibos chai latte, a cocktail, mocktail and iced teas in jam jars. There are many ways to make Rooibos part of your life.


How tea has empowered women through the ages

For centuries, tea has played a central role in the lives of women. For example, British born Mary Tuke (1725-72) was among the first tea merchants to build a chain of tea stores. What's more, she did so amid many jail threats. Today, women around the world are making Rooibos part of their daily lives because it provides comfort and a host of health benefits.

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Journalist from Italian magazine Africarivista visits Rooibos Ltd

Journalist Valentina Milani and photographer Bruno Zanzottera from the Italian magazine Africarivista visited Rooibos Ltd in August. On a mission to learn more about Rooibos, they visited the seedling nurseries, plantations and Rooibos Ltd factory. They will now share this knowledge with their Italian readers.

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Breakfast at Coco Safar: tasty dishes and cold-brewed Rooibos

Journalist Megan Baadjies tried out breakfast at luxury coffee shop and pâtisserie Coco Safar in Sea Point. She also stopped at the coffee shop's brew bar where she sampled green and red Rooibos made with their unique capsules.

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BOS markets its Rooibos in unconventional ways

Picture this scene in Amsterdam: Cyclists wearing giraffe costumes riding down a busy street, handing out BOS Rooibos to surprised members of the public. While unconventional, marketing events like this have become a trademark of BOS, an iced tea brand that has conquered the South African market and is now gaining converts in the United States and Europe. Says CEO Dave Evans, "We want to put a smile on your face and create those moments of joy".

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Rooibos Ltd supports Sederberg Primary School's netball team

When the under-13 netball team from Sederberg Primary School in Clanwilliam needed backpacks and water bottles, Rooibos Ltd helped them. Gerda de Wet, Rooibos Ltd's Communication Manager, handed over the gifts to the learners.

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Clanwilliam Neighbourhood Watch receives track suits from Rooibos Ltd

Rooibos Ltd sponsored Rooibos-branded track suits to the members of Clanwilliam's Neighbourhood Watch.

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Rugby Club from Clanwilliam gets Rooibos-branded jerseys

Clanwilliam's Wittetjies Rugby Team received Rooibos-branded rugby jerseys from Rooibos Ltd.

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South Africa: Sir Fruit introduces low-sugar brewed iced teas

Sir Fruit recently launched four low-sugar iced teas made with Rooibos, Honeybush, hibiscus and other ingredients. According to brand manager Taryn van Zyl, "The result is a natural taste with one of the lowest sugar levels on the market today. It retains that home-brewed feel but with a refreshing crispness." The range has four flavours: Apple and mint, Cranberry, Lemon and lime, and Peach.

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USA: Tazo Spicy Ginger Tea's tea bags for iced tea

Tazo Spicy Ginger Tea has introduced an easy way to make iced tea – simply use their tea bags. This aromatic iced tea is made from ginger, orange peel, fennel, licorice root, lemon verbena, chamomile and green Rooibos. "When combined, you've got a brew that smells so heavenly you might be tempted just to stand there and inhale."

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USA: Bigelow's Dandelion and Peach Rooibos and green tea

Bigelow's new Dandelion and Peach Rooibos and Green Tea combines the sweet flavours of Rooibos and peach with gentle tasting dandelion leaves and green tea for a combination of "sweet and earthy tones".

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Poland: Dilmah introduces green Rooibos with aromatics

In Poland, Dilmah has introduced eight new infusions, including green Rooibos with cardamom, ginger and orange. The infusions are caffeine-free, and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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South Africa: Naturals Beauty formulates skin care products for kids

Naturals Beauty, a local skin care brand, was founded by Tanya du Bois after her son was diagnosed with autism. When she could not find toxin-free skin care products for her family, she decided to produce her own range, using organic ingredients such as Rooibos. She explains that their products are made with "the highest quality natural ingredients sourced within Africa".

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UK: Windle & Moodie's shampoo strengthened with Rooibos extracts

Windle & Moodie Fortifying Shampoo, a luxurious shampoo formulated with antioxidant-rich Rooibos extract, fortifies and thickens fine to medium hair. Its innovative formula promotes healthy hair growth. The shampoo is free from parabens and sulphates, and is 100% vegan.

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Make delicious iced teas, lattes and cocktails with Rooibos

Rooibos is increasingly used in iced teas, lattes and cocktails around the world. Here is a selection for you to try out – from a paleo-friendly Rooibos chai latte to a cocktail, mocktail and iced teas in jam jars.

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Rooibos comes with various health benefits

This article on the Kobieta Onet website explains the story of Rooibos with its mineral and antioxidant content. It mentions that the health benefits of Rooibos have been confirmed by scientists. It is caffeine-free, making it ideal for those with hypertension, and kilojoule-free, making it ideal for those on a slimming diet.

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Six "amazing" benefits of Rooibos

This article on the Destiny Connect website lists six reasons to drink Rooibos – ranging from silky skin and healthy hair to the anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of Rooibos, and its ability to help reduce cholesterol. It also tastes great.

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Weight loss plus nine other reasons to drink Rooibos

This article, which appeared on the health blog Bulletproof, says the benefits of Rooibos "far surpass green, black and maybe even matcha tea". It explains the compounds in Rooibos, including the antioxidant glutathione. "More powerful than any other antioxidant, glutathione protects against inflammation, toxins, free radicals, and pathogens. Think of it as your body's own natural detoxifier."

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108-year-old Hombile Ntshakaza says he only drinks Rooibos

Hombile Ntshakaza makes a living from weaving baskets hats, mats and coasters. But the really amazing thing is that he is 108-year-old. He says he has never smoked or taken alcohol. "It's only Rooibos tea for me."

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The beauty benefits of Rooibos

The healing power of Rooibos tea was first stumbled upon by Dr Annique Theron when she gave her allergic baby a bottle of warm Rooibos tea to drink. Today, people drink it as part of a healthy lifestyle. Rooibos with its anti-inflammatory properties can also be applied to skin or hair.

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Soothe tired eyes with Rooibos tea bags

This Living&Loving article provides tips on how to soothe tired eyes when your baby has kept you awake all night. Simply soak Rooibos tea bags in lukewarm water, cool them down and place over your eyes. This will decrease puffiness while the antioxidants will help to fight free radicals and ageing.

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How to brew and pair Rooibos

The brewing tips in this article include the following: Steep Rooibos for at least 5 minutes. However, steeping it for 5 to 10 minutes greatly increases the antioxidants and nutrients in the tea. Rooibos goes well with white, nutty cheese or chocolate, and with desserts such as crème brûlée, panna cotta, éclairs or sorbets. You can also use it in soups and pasta sauces.

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