Hosting visitors from the USA, Sri Lanka and the UK

Hosting visitors from the USA, Sri Lanka and the UK

Hosting visitors from the USA, Sri Lanka and the UK

From California in the USA: Numi Teas

Numi Teas CEO Ahmed Rahim and COO Brian Durkee visited Rooibos Ltd during February this year. Based in California, USA, Numi Teas is the largest seller of Fairtrade teas in the United States. The company's vision is to celebrate people, nurture growth, embrace possibilities and drive positive change. See photographs.

From Texas in the USA: Cat Spring Teas

Abianne Miller Falla, founder of Cat Spring Teas, and her husband stopped at Rooibos Ltd while on their honeymoon in South Africa. For a tea lover such as Abianne, learning more about the unique product that Rooibos tea is, was the perfect honeymoon activity. See photographs.

From Sri Lanka: Amazon Tea

Sampath Amarasena, General Manager: Tea and Tea Value Addition, and Suranga Herath, CEO of Amazon Tea, visited Rooibos Ltd all the way from Sri Lanka to learn more about the origins of Rooibos. A major player in the market, they were treated to a tour of a Rooibos farm and the Rooibos Ltd facilities. They even tried their hand at harvesting. See photographs.

From Newbury in the UK: Wistbray

Wistbray Tea Times Trading, packers of the famous Tick Tock Rooibos Tea, visited us earlier this year. Director Patrick Busse, Bruce Ginsberg (a grandchild of Benjamin Ginsberg who is known as the father of Rooibos tea) and his wife Karen spent the day watching the harvesting and processing of Rooibos and discussing the nature of the industry. See photographs.






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