Rooibos Route launches its new logo

Rooibos Route launches its new logo

Rooibos Route launches its new logo

The new Rooibos Route logo depicts a cup of tea and seven leaves or Clans, representing Cultivation, History, Activities, Restaurants, Teahouses, Accommodation and Treats, which is what the route is all about. Rooibos Ltd, a member of the Rooibos Route, attended the launch event.

The Rooibos Route logo, which was recently introduced to the media and other stakeholder groups, was designed by Ezer Mbambus. Ezer, who comes from Namibia, is a third-year student at City Varsity. He holds a diploma in Media Arts and Technology from the College of Art of Namibia.

The Rooibos Route logo was recently launched at a one-day event at which members of the media, tourism industry and guests were present. Rooibos Ltd is one of the members of this initiative made possible by two sisters, Sanet and Marietjie.

Rooibos, or Aspalathus linearis, only grows in a radius of 150 km around Clanwilliam - nowhere else in the world. The new Rooibos Route now makes it easy for local and international visitors to experience the world of Rooibos by staying over on Rooibos farms in the Cederberg mountains, visiting Rooibos processing facilities, and tasting teas and treats containing Rooibos at restaurants and teahouses. The Rooibos farmers are indeed proud of this unique product.

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