The Driefontein Small Farmers' Cooperative

The Driefontein Small Farmers' Cooperative

The Driefontein Small Farmers' Cooperative

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This Fairtrade certified Rooibos farm near Redelinghuys, some 200 km to the north of Cape Town and some 100 km to the southwest of Clanwilliam in the heart of the Rooibos region, produces organic Rooibos to better the lives of its 36 farmer-members and their families.

Drawing on their indigenous knowledge of Rooibos – in most cases handed down from one generation to the next – and their love for this land, they decided on Fairtrade as the business model on which to base their future. Forming a small farmers' cooperative in 2010, they started out with enthusiasm, their willingness to acquire business skills and their desire for a better tomorrow.

Today, they are seeing the fruits of their efforts. The trust fund ensures that their children can attend proper schools, and the first child of a Driefontein farmer has been sent to university. And they are saving up to buy their own land – their place to belong to.

Rooibos Ltd markets and sells the fair-trade Rooibos produced by the Driefontein farmers, and it is proud to form part of the value chain of the Driefontein Small Farmers' Cooperative. Rooibos Ltd supports the transformation brought about by this Fairtrade initiative and the management and technical skills transfer that takes place as there is a lack of government support in rural areas. We would also welcome similar initiatives as it benefits the entire Rooibos industry, all the stakeholders, as well as the environment.

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