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- A healthy alternative espresso beverage.

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We did not invent it, we merely perfected it!

So says Rooibos Ltd after launching its new pods. Espresso made from Rooibos is not a new phenomenon – it’s been available for a few years. However, to date it has been distributed as a “loose” product, first and foremost in South Africa and lately also in a few western European countries, the UK and the USA.

However, the company believes that the relative small growth and popularity of this unique South African beverage (as an espresso) is mainly due to the preparation method – there is no consistency in the product quality and strength. In order to obtain the necessary créma on top of the liquor and “body” in the cup, a relative expensive espresso machine (able to produce some pressure) was an absolute requirement.

After much research, experimenting with different Rooibos raw materials and visiting a number of Italian companies (experts in the field of manufacturing espresso pods), Rooibos Limited has now managed to produce a pod which can produce a perfect . Not only can it be used in the many different brands of industrial espresso machines (already installed in the well-established out of home market sector), but a perfect can now also be made at home in an inexpensive domestic espresso pod machine (e.g. the Philips Senseo).

The advantages of the pod (as opposed to utilising loose Rooibos) is that the pods are very user-friendly – there’s no mess and it’s quick and easy. Each cup of is always the same – perfect, full of aroma and body, with the necessary layer of créma on top of the liquor!

The new Rooibos pod was recently launched by Rooibos Limited at the international food and beverage exhibition SIAL in Paris, France, where thousands of trade visitors were pleasantly surprised with this new healthy alternative espresso beverage, which is naturally caffeine-free and high in antioxidants. The new Rooibos pod therefore does not only address the trendy consumer, but also the health and wellness conscience market sector.

Rooibos Limited, the market leader in the Rooibos industry, has a company policy not to develop an own brand. The company does not market any of its products directly to the horeca (hotel, restaurant, café) or supermarket sectors, but sells most of its products to tea traders, packers, brand builders and wholesalers. This same policy, which has served the company well in the past, will be applied to marketing the Rooibos pods. Therefore this new product can only be purchased as a private label. However, as opposed to large purchasing quantities which normally apply to private label products, the minimum private label production quantities are small – one pallet only as a minimum order, either as a single portion wrapped in foil or as a retail private label pack with 20 pods.

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