Progress: Upgrading Rooibos Ltd's Main Processing Line...

Progress: Upgrading Rooibos Ltd's Main Processing Line

Progress: Upgrading Rooibos Ltd's Main Processing Line

News ArchiveUpgrading Rooibos Ltd's Main Processing Line

What is the progress? When will you finish? According to Johan Cronj, Operational Manager at Rooibos Ltd, these are the questions that are regularly being asked about the upgrades at Rooibos Ltd's processing plant in Clanwilliam. "Usually, I find myself trying to explain the details of new and old projects in semi-technical terms in as short a timeframe as possible. I try to highlight all the efficiencies and quality issues only to find myself looking into a glassy stare and a comment, 'I only wanted a date of completion' forming on the lips of the other party." He says the simple answer to these questions is "Never". "We must never stop the change and never stop the upgrades. Yes, we have reached a place where we do not need to work 24/7 and still miss some deadlines. Yes, we are doing better in terms of consistent product quality and yes, we have achieved better and more stable pack ability in our product. However, is our current product offering exactly what our customers and end-users would want in 5 or 10 years' time? No! Their needs will change. And we will change with them.

He says better question would therefore be: What are you busy with now? "I do not want to say too much at this stage. I will only give you a hint. We have sorted out most of the capacity issues for now. But we will never stop working on the quality issues."

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