Visitors from around the world welcomed at Rooibos Ltd...

Visitors from around the world welcomed at Rooibos Ltd

Visitors from around the world welcomed at Rooibos Ltd

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44 visitors from French Farmers' Association
On 13 January this year, 43 clients and one staff member of the French Association of Farmers (UTDF - Union Terres De France) visited Rooibos Ltd in Clanwilliam as part of an incentive trip. The French guests were taken on a tour of Rooibos Ltd's production and processing facilities and enjoyed a tasting of Rooibos. They also visited a Rooibos farm to learn more about seedlings and harvesting. 

Two representatives from Gebrüder Wollenhaupt GmbH in Germany
On a very hot day (measuring 52 degrees Celsius outside) in January this year, Jürgen Voigt (Purchaser: Raw Material) and Anja Mönnig (Quality Management) from the tea company Gebrüder Wollenhaupt GmbH in Reinbek, Germany, paid a visit to Rooibos Ltd. Johan Brand, Technical Manager at Rooibos Ltd, explained harvesting and processing to them. “We found the visit most informative, despite the heat”, said Voigt.

Andrea Tapper, journalist from Germany
Towards the end of January this year, German journalist Andrea Tapper paid a visit to Rooibos Ltd to explore various aspects of Rooibos - from harvesting and processing to production, extraction and tasting. Andrea writes for Die Welt (one of Germany's daily newspapers with the highest circulation figures) and Donna (a women's magazine).

Daniel Trenk, MD of Alveus wholesalers, Germany
On 6 February this year, Daniel Trenk, Managing Director of the most important wholesaler for organic products in Europe, visited Rooibos Ltd. He was taken on a tour of the company's facilities and to a Rooibos farm, and he enjoyed a tea tasting.

Matthias Schmitz from Gebrüder Wollenhaupt, Germany
Matthias Schmitz from the Sales and Marketing Division of Gebrüder Wollenhaupt GmbH in Reinbek, Germany, visited Rooibos Ltd on 6 February this year. He expresses a keen interest in the processing yards, production, harvesting, the quality centre, packaging and tea tasting.

Francois-Xavier Delmas from Le Palais de Thés, France
Francois-Xavier Delmas, founder of Le Palais de Thés in France, toured Rooibos Ltd's facilities on 7 February this year. He wanted to know more about the company's processing yards, production and extraction facilities, quality centre and tea tasting.

20 students and 4 professors from Osnabrück, Germany
A group of 20 students and four professors from The University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück, Germany, visited Rooibos Ltd on 7 February 2013. Their tour started off at Rooibos farm Zeekoevlei. They also wanted to know more about the plantations, harvesting and processing. They visited South African and Namibian agricultural and food companies, as well as research institutions, in order to find new opportunities for collaboration regarding research and further education.

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