Rooibos featured on UK TV show Food Unwrapped on Channel 4

Rooibos featured on UK TV show Food Unwrapped on Channel 4

Rooibos featured on UK TV show Food Unwrapped on Channel 4

The UK TV show called Food Unwrapped explores the clever, ingenious or high-tech production methods used to make some of our favourite food products. The series features some of the scientific methods used in modern food production to give viewers a greater understanding of how popular mass-produced food products are made for the consumer.

Food Unwrapped has featured many large food manufacturers from across the globe, as well as food scientists and academics from major universities and academic bodies. This popular prime-time series has been a huge hit in its slot seeing viewing figures peak at 2.9 million. Finished episodes are also sold internationally to, among others, Australia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Israel, Denmark, Poland, the Caribbean and South America.

In February this year, Food Unwrapped's production team visited Rooibos Ltd in Clanwilliam to do an insert on Rooibos. This insert formed part of its Summer Diet Special featuring stories on probiotics, coffee, Rooibos and artificial sweeteners.

The presenter, Kiran Jethwa, travelled to the Cederberg Mountains to produce the insert, explaining that the aspalathin in Rooibos - or "red bush" - can help to lower glucose levels over time if you drink six cups of Rooibos a day.

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