Rooibos Ltd hosted free Marshal Workshop

Rooibos Ltd hosted free Marshal Workshop to increase employability of local residents

Rooibos Ltd hosted free Marshal Workshop to increase employability of local residents

Following the success of the 2015 Marshal Workshop, a second free workshop was hosted by Rooibos Ltd and Tri & Du Sport in Clanwilliam on Saturday, 17 September 2016. This gave 50 eager locals the opportunity to acquire skills and learn about event organisation in order to increase their employability.

Clanwilliam often hosts special events which play a significant role in drawing visitors to the town and surrounding areas. This entry-level workshop gives community members the opportunity to work at big events such as the annual Freshpak Fitness Festival and to earn much-needed income.

This year's Marshal Workshop covered marshalling, crowd management, providing athletes with directions, and access control. The workshop was hosted at Rooibos Ltd's Visitor Centre in Clanwilliam. A light meal was offered at the end of the workshop.

After completing the workshop, participants were invited to work at the Freshpak Fitness Festival to gain practical experience in order to receive certificates.

According to Gerda de Wet, Rooibos Ltd's Communication Manager and organiser of the annual Freshpak Fitness Festival, the previous workshop, held prior to the 2015 Freshpak Fitness Festival, was a contributing factor to the festival's success. "The marshals play a crucial role during the event as they offer support to the event organisers to ensure the smooth running of the event. In addition, 1000 athletes rely on the guidance they receive from the marshals during the races. Skilled marshals also help to ensure that athletes, and visitors, experience the event positively," says De Wet. "The candidates who were trained as marshals last year were appointed as supervisors this year. Overall, the Marshal Workshops help to enhance the success of events for all parties involved."

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